Side Projects

A selection of things I worked on over the years.

  • Tsundoku

    A simple way to manage my numerous reading lists and challenges. Also helps me track my progress.

  • OneOne

    I built this one on one management app when I started having too many reports or skip levels at Omada. It helped managers asnd employees keep track of goals, targets, feedback and growth conversations. This app actually ended up being used by tens of companies (in Asia somehow?) and few of them actually paying for it.

  • Appibabies

    Appibabies is a virtual solution to a real life problem : why having a kid should take 9 long months and be so expensive?

    We got over 100k DLs at the time.

    With the team won the Startup WeekEnd Paris, and the Startup Week End Europe in London..

  • Hubluc

    Hubluc is the best way to be cheap when buying mp3s. The problems we are solving here are :

    • Where can I buy/stream the mp3s of my favorite band?
    • How much is this going to cost me?
    • Where is the cheapest website to buy? We compare prices in real time.

  • Tips by 100

    Tips by 100 was more a "case study" for me :

    What can I achieve ALONE in less than 36 hours?

    I was annoyed with 4sq and all the trendy things supposed to help me discover new places. I needed something simple. I discovered a nice article about 100 thing to do in Paris. That was it.

  • Conference speaking

    I used to give talks about Lean Startup and Product Management, a while ago.

    The subjects I talk about are pretty simple. How do I apply the Lean Startup principles in a big company as a Product Manager? You'll find here some key talks I had the occasion to give lastly.