I help startups and large companies build products and amazing teams.

  • I currently live and work in
    San Francisco.

  • I work at Messenger (Facebook), as
    Engineering Manager

I am an engineering and product leader who believes that great teams and the right amount of process tend to deliver amazing results. 

I spent the last 15 years building products and their teams from the ground up, and making them successful.

I’ve been lucky to see many contexts not only as a Product Engineer, but also as a technology consultant, a Manager and an Executive. I worked for fast growing companies from their youngest age (Omada, from 10 to 260) to later stage ones (Getaround). I’ve also managed change in failing teams and companies.

I'm a systems thinker, and I originally come from the Lean Manufacturing school of thought, so on the product and technology delivery side, I deeply believe in shipping early and often, as I'm a big believer in validated learnings.

I also believe that Engineering doesn’t operate at it’s optimum in a vacuum so I always organize my teams cross functionally to get maximum leverage.

As an exec, I know that my main team is the executive one, and I’m always focused on delivering results for both this team and the engineering team.

From seed to scale up startups, I help you with your engineering leadership needs

Interim VP Engineering

I can run your engineering org entirely.
Define, plan and execute on product delivery.
Hire, retain and entertain high caliber talent.
All of this in a joyous and relaxed atmosphere, with lots of french words involved.

1:1 Coaching

I will spend time with both your leadership team and your engineers to help them maximize their impact.

Strategy and Execution

You need to up your product development practices?
You need to get your new product line out fast?
I spend most of my career working on this from few angles: people, process, technology.