I give talks about Lean Startup and Product Management

The subjects I talk about are pretty simple. How do I apply the Lean Startup principles in a big company as a Product Manager? You'll find here some key talks I had the occasion to give lastly.

Lean Startup, one year later: Product innovation in big companies (2012)

Experience feedbacks from an IT profile recruitment website creation. For the last two years, the Lean Startup became a subject that can not be ignored by entrepreneurs who want to create products in constraints environments. Inspired by Steve Blank and Eric Ries, this approach tries to mix the customer development and the product development. Can we apply this methodology in a big company IT department? Is this methodology for startups only? Without any hesitation: yes. This session will explain how we tried, in the IT department of a French classifieds leader, to:

  • to rely on data gathered from real customers (quantitatively and qualitatively)
  • create and [in]validate of a business model based on the business model canvas
  • build the right product in parallel with the building of the customer base

The Lean Startup explained to CIOs of big companies in France (2011)

<h2> <b>USI 2011 : conférence incontournable de l'IT en France</b> </h2> <p></p>