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Interesting article on UI Design

Interesting article on UI Design

We have a “strategic plan”, it’s called “doing thing”.

We have a “strategic plan”, it’s called “doing thing”.—Herb Kelleher

2 links to help you choose a good typo

Choosing a typo for your website or your mobile application is always a pain. Even more when you are not a designer. And I’m far away of beeing one! Here...

Some Rspec goodness

I was not using subject, and let anymore in my rspec tests. Too complicated when developers new to rspec where joining the team. But after a talk with a good...

little big detail on informationarchitectsnet

Little Big Detail : On when you scroll a long blog article, it tells you approximately how many time left you need to finish the article.

Stop telling me “I want”, when what you think is just “I wanna”.

I hear a lot of people around telling me, and telling friends of mine, that they “wanna learn code”, and that they “would love to code”, or even are “jealous...

little big detail on evernote for ipad or

Little Big Detail : On Evernote for iPad or iPhone, when you start taking notes, and you have a meeting in iCal, then it automatically sets the note name for...

How do I scout and cure all my reading material?

Technology and innovation scouting is a vast subject. We are all invaded by thousands of blogs, feeds, twitter links, vimeo videos, ted talks, and our time is limited, and getting...

no title

Crafting is an art =) Reminds me software engineering. The final product can seem simple, but the amount of time spent crafting the code, the design, can be tremendous.

talk action shit build something now

Talk - Action = SHIT. BUILD something now.