Stop telling me “I want”, when what you think is just “I wanna”.

I hear a lot of people around telling me, and telling friends of mine, that they “wanna learn code”, and that they “would love to code”, or even are “jealous because you know how to build useful (or not) things”.

It reminds me when I’m whining to some of my friends : “oh man, I’d love to play guitar or piano. This shit is rough.”.

Actually, if I try to analyse myself, I don’t really want to. I “wanna”. If I really wanted to, I’d do it right now. Like when I wanted to learn Objective-C or when I want to learn how and when to use Backbone.js.

So :  

  1. Not everyone is ready to step into the 10 000 hours work game needed to master a domain (and this domain is pretty/shitty complex). 
  2. Hey, not even the 100 hours needed to start going deep and understand a subject.

So, here is my piece of advice, for what it’s worth : if you really want it, then do it. Like, hmm, do it now. Build something, a chained list in C, or a To Do list in Rails or Objective-C. It’s possible for almost everyone (but I didn’t say you will not code like crap at first ;) ).

But Build something. And stop telling me “I want”, when what you think is just “I wanna”.