A selection of the products I worked on.

  • I give talks about Lean Startup and Product Management

    The subjects I talk about are pretty simple. How do I apply the Lean Startup principles in a big company as a Product Manager? You'll find here some key talks I had the occasion to give lastly.

  • Omada is the first program from OmadaHealth, pioneering the fields of digital therapeutics.

    I started as Product Engineer, building and managing the iOS app in objective-c and the API in rails.

    I then recruited a whole team (4 engineers and one designer) and now I mainly coach the team and manage the product.

  • Choose Your Boss is a new generation recruitement website, specialized in IT profiles. Our customer asked us to help him find a solution to his own customers: how to recruit IT profiles? How to find great teams for developers?

    I interviewed, several dozens of potential job candidates, and a couple dozen of IT recruiters. And we finally came with this recruitement website, where the power is inversed between recruiters and high qualified profiles.

  • Appibabies is a virtual solution to a real life problem : why having a kid should take 9 long months and be so expensive?

    With appibabi.es the team already won the Startup WeekEnd Paris, and the Startup Week End Europe in London.

  • Hubluc is the best way to be cheap when buying mp3s. The problems we are solving here are :

    • Where can I buy/stream the mp3s of my favorite band?
    • How much is this going to cost me?
    • Where is the cheapest website to buy? We compare prices in real time.

  • Tips by 100 was more a "case study" for me :What can

    I achieve ALONE in less than 36 hours?

    I was bored with 4sq and all the trendy hipy things supposed to help me discover new places. I needed something simple. I discover a nice article about 100 thing to do in Paris. That was it.