I help startups and big companies build things.

I code, manage and coach product teams.

  • I currently live and work in
    San Francisco.

  • I work at Remix, as
    VP of Engineering

I am an engineering and product leader who believes that great teams and the right amount of process tend to deliver amazing results. I spent the last decade building products and their teams from the ground up, and making them successful.

I'm always looking for real life problems to solve, and constantly try to be as lean as possible on the products I work on.

When I work on the product side, I'm not afraid to experiment and release early and often, as I'm a big believer in validated learnings and my bedside readings are "The 4 steps to the epiphany" and "Inspired".

I understand that software engineering is more craft than science, and that the best craft people hone their tools and their practices. I will always advocate for my teams to treat theirs with respect (CI/CD pipeline).

When I code, I do it with Ruby on Rails, Javascript and Objective-c/Swift mainly, and i'm test driven.