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Where are my Hypotheses Eric?

I have a problem with the “Build Measure Learn” Lean Startup Wheel. I really do. This Build Measure Learn thing let entrepreneurs and product managers think that the exploration process starts with the build phase. Which is damn wrong. And i’ll explain why. Look at few years back, the Lean... [Read More]‘but more importantly help us to apply these guidelines to new backlog items to prevent waste at an early stage. After filtering out the noise, we will focus on fewer things that are really important.’ Of course, this is simple logic =) This is the base of the Lean Manufacturing... [Read More]

My definition of a Minimum Viable Product

For me, the definition of a Minimum Viable Product is simple. It answers yes to the three questions below. Does the product provides gain > pain to the customer ? Can the customer pay ? Is the product the sum of the minimal subset of features to accomplish 1 and... [Read More]

5 Tips I Use to Gain "Intense Focus" When I Code

Focus is the most important thing when you are coding. It allows you to achieve from end to end (idea > experimentation > measurement) little parts of your product efficiently. If you never manage to focus, you should not code. By focused I mean : driven  efficient  high achievements As... [Read More]

More RSpec goodness

Some test refactoring led me to achieve some goodness with rspec. We can definitely see here that the syntax sugar helped me write : - more maintanable tests - more readable results - more understandable specs [Read More]